Derrick Rose MVP

Not since 1998 has Chicago had an MVP in its fold, when a certain Bulls guard by the name of Michael Jordan held one of his MVP trophies aloft. As of today, that changes, with Derrick Rose named the runaway winner of the award — the youngest player in NBA history to do so.

Rose was awarded 113 first place votes and a total of 1182 voting points — well ahead of second placed Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic) with 3 and 643 respectively.

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Of course, if you’d been a reader of The Fantasy Dudes, this would be no surprise to you, as this piece on 13 March told you exactly who would win the 2010/11 NBA MVP award. This is not the first award won by a Bulls player this season however, with Joakim Noah a clear winner of the Dennis Rodman Best Hair award earlier during the playoffs (as voted on by a panel including Sarah Moon and her awesome dog).

Meanwhile, his team is surprisingly down 0-1 in their second round playoff matchup with the Atlanta Hawks and in need of some MVP action. Rose however is battling to return from an ankle injury sustained at the end of Game 1.