Quite often it has felt like the San Antonio Spurs play in slow motion. Despite that, the slow-it-down fundamentals of the Spurs has paid dividends for a long time… until the 2010/11 Memphis Grizzlies came along. 

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich, long known for saying it as it is, may have described the series best:

“They were the better team, and they played better than we did,” Popovich said. “I thought their athleticism, their strength, their size really hurt us offensively. We could not get a lot done. We really had trouble scoring against their defense. They deserve a lot of credit for that. Obviously, I am sad about the loss but happy for them and what they have accomplished.”

The young Grizzlies took out the series 4-2, in what was a major upset, given the dominance that the Spurs showed during the regular season, with a West-leading 61-21. But it is the time of the Grizz… and perhaps the time of the Spurs has past? That is the big question that will be plaguing many in this off-season. 

With that in mind, this super-slow-mo video of the Grizzlies celebrations will not please Spurs fans, but will surely be savoured by the people of Memphis. And the mighty Zach Randolph.