Writing Staff


Editor / Lead-Writer: Mookie Schiralli — involved in all areas of the site, Mookie is the Editor and Lead-Writer for A Stern Warning. He created the site in an attempt to increase coverage not only of the NBA, but also Australian NBL and FIBA International basketball. He covered the 2010 FIBA World Championships in Turkey for Nokia’s official BBall App and can be found courtside at his hometown Sydney Kings’ games. every. single. game. You can also find him on Kevin Brooks’ and Brett Maher’s online TV show, Inside The Game TV, talking about the NBA.

NBA Writer: Sarah Moon — a native of Portland and ardent Trail Blazers observer who also enjoys the fast-breaking stylings of the Phoenix Suns, Sarah provides viewpoints on the entire NBA through her witty, astute observations, of both on- and off-court happenings. Her knowledge extends to the worlds of fashion and art, allowing her to contribute her “Style Alert” pieces as well as providing art and articles in our bartsketball project. Read Sarah’s articles.

NBA / NCAA Writer: Lawrence Dushenski — Lawrence is an avid basketball fan from the Edmonton, Canada. While not a hotbed of hardcourt fans, he has managed to continue to follow the game for years thanks to SLAM and what would now be seen as medieval fantasy sports. He recently graduated with an undergraduate degree in Sport Management and will be following up with a Journalism degree starting in September. His interests lie in the politics of sport in general, and basketball in particular. More articles about the underbelly of the sport that we love will be will be coming to A Stern Warning soon. Read Lawrence’s articles.

NBL Writer: Haggard — when it comes to a touch of humour in NBL writing, this man, along with his co-star at Can’t Buy A Basket, does it better than anyone. A Stern Warning is fortunate enough to have his words and photoshop paintbrush on an occasional basis. Read Haggard’s articles.

NBA Writer: Clint Peterson — hailing from the State of Utah, with a long-honed perspective on the Utah Jazz, Clint is also a keen art aficianado, providing us with some amazing insights into the connection between art and sports in our bartsketball series. Read Clint’s articles. Read Clint’s articles.

NBA Writer: Kateasa Blair — a staunch Detroit Pistons fan based in Nashville, Kateasa is a journalism major with a passion for basketball that shines through in her fine writing. Read Kateasa’s articles.

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