How the tides have turned. Now players get up to mischief when they leave the Portland Trail Blazers. Once derisively known as the Jail Blazers due to the number of disturbing off-court behavioural problems of their players, the Blazers are now one of the cleanest character acts in the NBA.

One of those now-former-Blazers that I would never have expected to be caught up in headlines on the wrong side of the police is mild-mannered forward Dante Cunningham, now of the Charlotte Bobcats. Or perhaps more correctly, now possibly of no fixed address after the season ended making him a restricted free agent.

Dante was caught on Friday with a small amount of weed and a pellet gun (I understand the first part, but the second??)… putting his lauded good character in some level of doubt. Moral of the story: you don’t want to leave the Blazers (not that he had a choice!).