1. Washington Wizards – John Wall (University of Kentucky)

While some say that Wall and Arenas will not be able to coexist together in the same backcourt, the Wiz simply cannot pass on the generational talent that Wall is. If they have to trade Agent Zero, they will.

2. Philadelphia 76ers – Derrick Favors (Georgia Tech University)

Everyone has the ‘6ers taking Turner here, but he is simply too similar to Iggy and Thaddeus Young. Favors has the potential to be a dominant 4-man in the league for years to come, and along with the developing Jrue Holliday, Philly could return to prominence in a hurry

EvanTurner3. New Jersey Nets – Evan Turner (Ohio State)

After losing out on the Wall Sweepstakes, the consolation prize of Favors at 3 was seen to be a perfect complement to budding superstar Brook Lopez. But it is likely that they will be left with only Evan Turner on the board. While he does play the same position as an unnamed free agent that the Nyets would love to woo, they simply cannot pass on him.

4. Minnesota Timberwolves – Wesley Johnson (Syracuse University)

Minnesota is set in both their frontcourt and backcourt for the foreseeable future, especially once Ricky Rubio makes the trip from Spain. What they lack however is an athletic do-it-all player on the wing who can compliment Flynn, Jefferson and Love. Johnson is able to bring what Corey Brewer never could.

5. Sacramento Kings – DeMarcus Cousins (University of Kentucky)

The fall of Cousins could top here, but it has the potential to keep going in the weeks leading up to the draft when players become increasingly scrutinized. Cousins would be an excellent piece for a rebuilding Kings organization, which has Rookie of the Year Tyreke Evans to build around. The attitude concerns about Cousins are likely being blown out of proportion, and he will translate into an excellent pro.

6. Golden State Warriors – Greg Monroe (Georgetown)

No one ever really knows what the boys in Golden State are thinking, but picking either Monroe or Aldrich should be a slam dunk for them. They have their future star in Stephen Curry, athletic wings with Wright and Randolph, now they need a real big man to work together with them all. Monroe is an exceptional passer with above average basketball IQ, and he will be able to run in the most unpredictable system in the league.

aminu7. Detroit Pistons – Al-Farouq Aminu (Wake Forest)

There is a chance that Aminu could come off the board a few picks earlier, but the Pistons would be more than happy if he falls down to them. His skill set is similar to Tayshaun, but he has the potential to fill out and be a player closer to Josh Smith. The Pistons are in a transitional period right now, and need all the talent they can get.

8. Los Angeles Clippers – Ekpe Udoh (Baylor)

With Blake Griffin being cleared to resume basketball related activities and the backcourt fairly solid with Baron and Gordon, the Clip will look up front to the ultra-athletic Udoh. He has impressive instincts and should help them create mismatches and spread the floor.

9. Utah Jazz – Xavier Henry (University of Kansas)

With the departure of Carlos Boozer imminent, and the reigns being handed over to Paul Millsap, the Jazz need a scoring threat from outside to work with Deron to create opportunities. Henry is a slick shooting freshman, and should be able to contribute immediately.

10. Indiana Pacers – Cole Aldrich (University of Kansas)

Roy Hibbert has shown little improvement to his game since he came into the league, and the Pacers needs some more help on the inside. Aldrich is an experienced college player who will bang for rebounds and blocks shots.

11. New Orleans Hornets – Ed Davis (University of North Carolina)

After struggling through an injury plagued sophomore season, Davis decided to declare and make his impact in the league as soon as possible. He is a skilled big man with a frame similar to Al Horford. If he can supply some inside help for Paul and Collison, then he will be effective from the get go.

12. Memphis Grizzlies – James Anderson (Oklahoma State)

If the Grizzlies get the feeling that Rudy Gay is on his way out, then they need to find someone to at least temporarily fill his shoes. Anderson is a smooth scorer on the wing, and will be able to replace some length. This pick could also change based on the currents investigations into Zach Randolph.

13. Toronto Raptors – Daniel Orton (University of Kentucky)

The big man out of Kentucky played sparingly last year behind Cousins, but he has displayed the skills to develop into a productive big man. The Raptors are preparing for life after Bosh, and Orton could provide some finish and toughness on the inside that Bargnani has never been able to.

Donatas Motiejunas14. Houston Rockets – Donatas Motiejunas (Benetton Treviso)

The Rockets are in an interesting state of flux right now. They have little team identity, and the return of Yao is unclear at this point. Motiejunas has the potential to develop into a player similar to Dirk and Bargnani, or somewhere in between. If the Rockets have the patience to let him develop, he could be a steal.

15. Milwaukee Bucks – Patrick Patterson (University of Kentucky)

Heralded as one of the most composed, mature players in this year’s class, Patterson will be a great piece to the developing puzzle in Milwaukee. He will be able to platoon with Mbah a Moute, and could eventually become the starting 4 man.

16. Minnesota Timberwolves – Hassan Whiteside (Marshall)

After passing up a big man the first time, the T-Wolves will not be able to do it again. Love and Jefferson are both realistically 4 men, and Whiteside will be able to add exceptional length in the paint. He is still raw and has some character issues, but given some time to develop, Whiteside could become a shot blocking threat for years to come.

17. Chicago Bulls – Avery Bradley (University of Texas)

This pick is also very dependent on the route that the Bulls take with free agency, but for the time being, Bradley fills their biggest need. Hinrich is not fooling anyone at the 2, and Bradley brings solid length and playmaking ability, and also allows Kirk to come off the bench where he is most effective.

18. Miami Heat – Gordon Hayward (Butler)

The darling of March Madness, Hayward is looking to translate that success to the next level. He has a solid all around game and a solid shooter. He does not have the quickest feet or exceptional athleticism, but he understands the game very well. Not the most exciting pick, but will be a solid contributor.

19. Boston Celtics – Willie Warren (Oklahoma)

With the departure of Ray Allen possible this summer, the need to breed his replacement will be a top priority for Danny Ainge. Warren was projected to be a lottery pick last year, but he decided to return for another year of school. He is a Ben Gordon type combo guard, and should be effective at coming off screens.

20. San Antonio Spurs – Paul George (Fresno St.)

The Spurs have a knack for getting the most out of unheralded players. George has immense skill, and will likely take over the wing for Jefferson once his time is done. However following an impressive showing at the combine, George could be off the board by this point.

21. Oklahoma City Thunder – Damion Jones (Texas)

The most exciting team in the Association is in need of some depth at the 3-4 position, and fellow Texas alum Kevin Durant would be happy with Jones on the squad. The Thunder are a tight knit team, and Jones will be able to contribute off the bench with his solid hustle and intensity.

22. Portland Trailblazers – Kevin Seraphin (Cholet)

The Trailblazers quite simply have too many players, and not enough roster spots. So they will likely pick another international player and stash him overseas for a few seasons while he develops his raw game. Seraphin has all of the physicals tools necessary to excel, but he will need some polish.

23. Minnesota Timberwolves – Luke Babbitt (Nevada)

After faring well at the combine, Babbitt has been flying up draft boards, and could end up being gone long before the T-Wolves select for their third time. But if he manages to still be on the board, then he could provide solid scoring off the bench for Minny, and could develop into an impressive pro on the wing.

24. Atlanta Hawks – Eric Bledsoe (University of Kentucky)

With the departure of Joe Johnson looming, the Hawks needs a skilled guard to lead the team into the future. Bledsoe worked with John Wall this past year at Kentucky, and showed off some of his exceptional shooting range. The Hawks will benefit immediately from his scoring ability.

lance-stephenson-bearcats25. Memphis Grizzlies – Lance Stephenson (Cincinnati)

One of the few players that competed in nearly every drill at the combine, Stephenson came in with a lot to prove, and left with many scouts impressed. He has impressive size and has displayed the ability to shoot from NBA range. There have forever been questions about his attitude, but the Grizzlies would love his size and strength at the 2-3 spot.

26. Oklahoma City Thunder – Larry Sanders (VCU)

Another solid player to add to the Thunder’s solid nucleus, Sanders will be able to add a presence inside to compliment developing big man Serge Ibaka. He has impressive athleticism and explosiveness, and will help the Thunder in their quest for a Championship.

27. New Jersey Nets – Jordan Crawford (Xavier)

Crawford might be able to work his way into the first round if he impresses the right people in the next few weeks. No one has ever questioned his ability to score, and depending on the outcome of this summer, the Nyets might be in need of his range off the bench.

28. Memphis Grizzlies – Craig Brackins (Iowa St.)

Last year they took Thabeet, so might as well take his polar opposite this year. Brackins is a hard working big man who would have gone much higher had he stayed in the draft last year. He is similar to Jason Thompson, and could provide some grit on the interior for the Grizzlies.

29. Orlando Magic – Devin Ebanks (West Virginia)

Some say that Ebanks should have stayed in school another year, but the Magic will be happy to let him develop for a few years. He has long arms and his very athletic, and if he can put it together then he will eventually replace Vince Carter.

30. New Jersey Nets – Soloman Alabi (Florida St.)

The Nets major problem this year was that they completely lacked any depth. Brook Lopez is an emerging star, but they cannot have him playing 40+ minutes every night. Alabi is still somewhat raw, but will provide a shot blocking presence on the inside, and could develop into a feared interior defender.

Editor’s Note: Lawrence Dushenski is a Toronto Raptors fan. You can follow him on twitter @LD10. Read more of his articles by clicking here.