I’ve made no secret in the past about my disdain for the widespread homerism prevalent in NBA television commentary. The city-by-city-centric model of commentary needs to change to restore some respectability to play-by-play hoops announcing, and I think that we’ve found just the man to do it.

What we need, counterintuitively, is more Brits in NBA commentary. The reality is, we all know what’s going on in a basketball game most of the time — it’s not a new sport in need of an education campaign. So most of the time the Marv Alberts of this world are telling us what we already know — and we’re simply not stupid enough to need that verbal diahorrea, are we? 

So how about we add some commentary to the equation? This guy has done just that. An Englishman by the name of Anthony Richardson does this comedic commentary routine on an NBA 2K12 simulation between the Los Angeles Clippers and the San Antonio Spurs.

He makes plenty of football references, but you don’t even need to understand who the Tottenham Hot Spurs are to find much of this video funny. Get ‘im in there, I say!