The NBA Playoffs bring passions to the fore — even more so than during the regular season. And when I say passion, I mean one-eyed vehemence. 

One topic in particular that NBA observers seem to love focusing on over the past decade or so is the humble flop. The dive. The Academy Award-winning plea for a foul. It all started with Vlade Divac, seemingly, then extended to every “Euro” in the league, more recently making it’s way to the antics of LeBron James and now it seems that everyone is open game.

This time around, the Los Angeles Clippers are the target of the claims of floppishness. 

Who would’ve thought the pathetic Clips could ever reach Tall Poppy status, worthy of being cut down? However yes, this year the combination of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin has turned the “other” team in LA into a hot commodity; one worthy of the disdain of opposing fans.

In this video, one fan has chosen to highlight the flopping by the Clippers during Game 4 of their 2012 Playoffs first round series against the Memphis Grizzlies. And here’s the thing: I don’t see too many flops here. Sure, some of them involve a bit of acting and falsifying, but on the whole, I do see a lot of regular basketball plays and fouls occuring here.

I guess this is where that passion I was talking about kicks in. Or do you see it differently? Watch and let me know in the comments or on facebook / twitter.