The hottest video game of the here and now is NBA 2K11 (official site) and you could WIN yourself your very own copy (PS3/X360). The game is stacked with upgraded content this year, with the big highlights being the Jordan Challenge mode and the MJ: Creating A Legend mode, both of which allow you to resurrect His Airness’ career.

So what do you have to do to become Michael Jordan and re-create the legend by winning a copy? We have three very simple MJ-themed steps:

  1. Which team did Craig Ehlo famously play for from 1987-1993, during which time he was humbled by Jordan on more than one occasion?
  2. Michael Jordan led the NBA in scoring in 1992-93. Who came second in total points that season (note: not PPG, but total points)? Huge hint: you can see a great photo of him at The Fantasy Dudes.
  3. Lastly, subscribe to either our free NBA newsletter or our free overall site newsletter. [Use the email address that you enter with.]

Email your two answers to (and make sure that you’ve subscribed to one of the newsletters) — if you’re our winner, I’ll get back to you via email.

Conditions of entry:

  1. You’ve got until 12:01 AM US EST on November 7, 2010 to get your entries in. 
  2. Contest only open to North American (USA & Canada) residents. Sorry, it’s just the way it is for technical reasons.
  3. The game will be provided in your choice of Playstation 3 or XBox 360 format.
  4. Make sure you email us from an address we can contact you on to provide you with your prize if you’re the winner. Also, make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter from that same email address, so that we can verify.
  5. If more than one person provides the correct entry, the winner will be chosen at random from those successful entries.
  6. A Stern Warning and its writers can not be held liable for any negative impacts of you entering this contest (including, but not limited to, forgetting to do your school homework or being mesmerized by Craig Ehlo’s manly good looks).