Something had to give in Portland. And finally it has.

The roster that the Trail Blazers were carrying through the pre-season, coupled with the terrible run of injuries to big men continuing, meant that a move was likely on the horizon. Today that move came as it was announced that Jerryd Bayless would be traded to the New Orleans Hornets for a conditional future first round draft pick.

The good news for Patty Mills fans is that the speedy Aussie may now hang on to a roster spot, after the expected (yet unfortunate) waiving of very popular, but injured, big man Jeff Pendergraph.

Bayless, a combo-guard with a stack of talent and potential, but not enough time to shine, has been moved to a situation which will give him a better chance for minutes. The move frees up time in the crowded Blazers backcourt, which already boasts Andre Miller, Brandon Roy, Armon Johnson, Rudy Fernandez and Wesley Matthews — along with Mills, who has been waiting on a decision from the Blazers on his status.

In exchange, the Blazers receive the Hornets’ first round pick in 2011 (as long as it is not in the top 7) or in 2012, 2013, 2014 (in the first year in which it does not fall in the top 8). They also alleviate part of the logjam in the backcourt.

If Mills were to be signed to the 15th and final roster spot, he would be the third point guard behind Miller and Johnson. An additional recent piece of news sees the Blazers signing Argentinian big man Fabricio Oberto to help out in the depleted frontcourt.

In Bayless’ time with the Blazers, he proved to be a valuable member of the squad who simply could not be provided with the minutes needed to show off his immense skills. He certainly showed great flashes of what he can do on the basketball court and showed us his human side through his honest-speaking blog — it will be interesting to read what JBay has to say about the move, if and when he updates it this week.