Today's Warnings

Today’s quality links, videos and news from the NBA. Flying like a Ryan Anderson three-ball.

  • Rumour has it that talk is heating up that possibly there is a chance that Stephen Jackson may be traded this week (via
  • Fine NBA site, Hoopiquity came up with a review of the best NBA blogs on the block and were kind enough to include A Stern Warning on the list. Greatly appreciated. Check out Hoopiquity and follow them on twitter: @Hoopiquity.
  • Tim Donaghy. Remember him? The NBA had hoped he’d slipped your mind in a haze of replacement referee madness. Word has it that a book by the renegade referee (and convicted crim) was set to be published next month, until the league allegedly put a stop to through the threat of legal action. Deadspin have got their hands on a copy and have then gone on to provide some excerpts from said tome. Blowing the Whistle falls somewhere between a confessional and an indictment, both of his former colleagues and their employer. In the book, Donaghy alleges, among other things, that referee Dick Bavetta spoke unabashedly about his role as the NBA’s “go-to guy.” Today Deadspin has come out with Part 2 of their report, which includes numerous quotes from the book. Before going on, I will state the obvious: you have to take everything that a convicted cheat and criminal says with a grain of salt. When that same crim is attempting to profit from his crimes (I thought that was illegal in most parts of the world, but obviously in this case), you have to take an even larger grain of salt with all that he has to say. I’d say a grain the size of a Spalding basketball. You can follow the link for all of the quotes, but to summarise, Donaghy tries to confirm every conspiracy theory that has ever been spread about the league and how they instruct their referees. Star treatment, rigging big matches and wagers between referees over trivialities which affect matches; all of these things are covered.
  • Pete Marasmitch: Jeff has an interview with Francesco Cuzzolin, the Raptors new trainer, which I was more than happy to translate from it’s original Italian for him. Check it out — he has some interesting things to say about steroids in the NBA, Andrea Bargnani and Marco Belinelli, as well as the difference between Europe and the NBA.
  • Charles Barkley has vowed to stop his ugly golf play — for a while anyway. Watch the video as Sir Charles talks to David Letterman — thanks to That NBA Lottery Pick for the tip.             
  • Another video. This one via the ever-amusing Basketbawful. Does Phil Jackson cover up a failed fist-pump with Kobe here? Or is he just re-adjusting his face? You decide.

  • If you missed it, Bloguin turns one year old this week!
  • On that topic, the Bloguin Awards for 2009 are open for votes and this site is nominated in two categories — your votes are appreciated here.
  • Which NBA home court looks the best? This link is a couple of days old, but I just spotted it, via Blazers blog Deceptively Quick. This link goes to the flickr account where every NBA team court is shown. As a fan of basketball and design, this is infinitely fascinating.
    Blazers court (via Flickr)
  • Off topic: you may know Dennis Velasco from his time with Barkley’s Mouth or’s basketball site. Well he has moved on to the world of entertainment (Ryan Seacress look out!) and has this question to ask on his new blog, These Initials Totally Stink, do you lose man-points for watching Glee? Whilst I’m not sure you had any to begin with, Dennis, I’m going to answer your question in the affirmative.
  • Heels on Hardwood has some humour, with the first in a series of monthly videos on Raptors players, animated. This one is one of my favourite players in the NBA, José Calderon.
  • Sports Media Watch: TNT’s coverage of the NBA on opening night drew record numbers of viewers. Showing the Lakers, Celts and Cavs had to help.
  • Thoughts from the Jockstrap has some great flashbacks for you from yesteryear, as Boyd shows off his great collection of old-school cool posters.