todays warnings 2009 v5

  • Michael Jordan has evoked a lot of public opinion for his “unconventional” Hall of Fame acceptance speech. Much of the opinion has been negative, calling His Airness a bitter old man and questioning his logic behind still feeling resentment towards people who have “wronged” him in his career. Sure, I would have conducted myself in a different way, had I had the honour of HoF induction, but this is Michael Jordan we’re talking about. Did his behaviour shock me? No way. NBA player Ronald Dupree shares these sentiments — and said it best via a couple of tweets today: “It’s crazy to me…journalist hate cliches and the growing lack of player-reporter relationship in pro sports…but criticize MJ for unveiling himself and revealing how much of a competitor and killer he was on the basketball court..why he is who he is..the greatest. In my opinion athletes, politicians, and entertainers don’t do enough of it.
  • It’s been a while between blog posts for Greg Oden, but it’s pleasing to hear that he has been enjoying his off-season, taking in an Ohio State v USC football game on Saturday. Let’s hope he has been mixing solid workouts (which he reportedly has) with the positive mindset that comes with relaxation and recreation.
  • The Hoop Doctors are already ranking Rookie of the Year candidates.
  • Outside the Boxscore rates the NBA’s top ten off-season movers and shakers.
  • Pete Marasmitch has another Raptors-centric comic for your reading pleasure, this time on the conversations that would be had between Patrick O’Bryant and Marcus Banks at the end of the Tdot bench.
  • The indefatiguable BallerBlogger has a stack of links and quotes for you in today’s Points in the Paint.