Today's Warnings Aussie Edition

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  • Has anyone been wondering about John Rillie’s ballsy play of late? Well, here… is the um… nuts and bolts of it… strap yourself in as this jock gives you the bare details.
  • A great interview with the Doctor, Darren Ng, courtesy of B&EiB.
  • From the Doctor to the Professor, the Basketball Professor has some exciting news if you want to shore up your jumpshot.
  • Best Off Ground takes a look at the situation that is Australian basketball right now.
  • Scibz also has a look at the situation, with a focus on Sydney hoops.
  • And here is a bit of negativity about it all.
  • Fantastic pix from Asaspace!
  • Check out the new and improved, which is now proudly part of the Bloguin network. For those that don’t know Don, he’s an Aussie who now lives in Japan and loves American sports…