Do you rememeber NBA

The NBA All-Star Game of 1989 was one full of stars. It had MJ, it had Sir Charles Barkley, the Mailman, the Human Highlight Film, Clyde the Glide, Zeke and even Kareem. The game did lack a certain Bird and Magic touch, but apart from that, what more could you ask for as an NBA fan?

In the continuing Do You Remember? series, we have video of the top 20 plays of the game. Below the video you will find the game information provided by the youtube uploader. Enjoy the trip back in time…



February 12 1989
Final Score: east 134 vs west 143
MVP: Karl Malone

the players:
1989 Eastern Conference all-star team:
Charles Barkley 20mins 17pts 5reb 6-11fg
Dominique Wilkins 15mins 9pts 2reb 3-8fg
Moses Malone 19mins 9pts 8reb 3-9fg
Michael Jordan 33mins 28pts 2reb 3ast 13-23fg
Isaiah Thomas 33mins 19pts 2reb 14ast 7-13fg
Patrick Ewing 17mins 4pts 6reb 2ast 2-8fg
Terry Cummings 19mins 10pts 5reb 1ast 4-9fg
Larry Nance 17mins 10pts 6reb 1ast 5-9fg
Mark Price 20mins 9pts 3reb 1ast 3-9fg
Mark Jackson 16mins 9pts 2reb 4ast 3-5fg
Brad Daugherty 15mins 0pts 3reb 0-3fg
Kevin McHale 16mins 10pts 3reb 5-7fg

1989 Western Conference all-star team:
Alex English 29mins 16pts 3reb 4ast 8-13fg
Karl Malone 26mins 28pts 9reb 3ast 12-17fg
Hakeem Olajuwon 25mins 12pts 7reb 3ast 5-12fg
Dale Ellis 26mins 27pts 6reb 2ast 12-16fg
John Stockton 32mins 11pts 2reb 17ast 5-6fg
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 13mins 4pts 3reb 1-6fg
Clyde Drexler 25mins 14pts 12reb 4ast 7-19fg
Tom Chambers 16mins 14pts 5reb 1ast 4-8fg
Chris Mullin 14mins 4pts 2reb 2ast 1-4fg
James Worthy 18mins 8pts 2reb 2ast 4-7fg
Mark Eaton 9mins 5reb
Kevin Duckworth 7mins 5pts 1reb 2-5fg
Magic Earvin Johnson DNP – Injured

Score by Quarters:
East – 31 – 28 – 37 – 38 – 134
West – 47 – 40 – 24 – 32 – 143