The season tipped off last night with some great matchups. The Los Angeles cross-town “rivalry” that isn’t really a rivalry at all, the HUGE Celtics v Cavs beasts of the East sized each other up and the Rockets and my Blazers re-lived last season’s playoffs.

Every two weeks, the fine basketball blogs across Bloguin, with a wide variety of team biases, will be voting on the NBA Power Rankings during the 2009/10 season.

Whilst it is early days, the first  Blogpoll is out. Surprise, surprise, the Lakers are top dogs, in a clear cut choice. Second and third are the Celtics and the Cavs. The Magic and Spurs round out a clearly defined first pack.

Check out all of the rankings on the Bloguin portal.

As you would expect, these rankings will likely fluctuate wildly in the next month or so, as everyone feels out the new rosters across the league, particularly amongst the power players. It’s shaping up as a great season.