[image via ajc.com / Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office]

It sounds like Jarrett Jack has been spending the All-Star Weekend in a different way to his good buddy Chris Bosh, who was supporting his not-so-stylish teammate Dwyane Wade and crying teammate LeBron James with the East All-Stars in LA. No, instead, Jack went out driving!

And it sounds like Jack’s driving on the freeway is much the same as many Hornets, Blazers and Raptors fans would describe it on the court:

“[Jack] was arrested in Gwinnett County early Sunday on charges of DUI, speeding and failure to maintain lane, police said.”

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Jack was driving his black Merc at 66mph in a 45 zone, smelling of alcohol. Great example you’re setting the kiddies there, Mr NBA role-model. Oh yeah, we could get into that whole “Are sportsmen role models?” debate, but let’s save that…

I also found it interesting that the law in this particular jurisdiction allows a blood-alcohol reading of up to 0.08 for drivers — higher than the 0.05 that I’m used to in Australia. For those that may be interested, as I was, here is the listing of legal blood-alcohol limits across the world.