Jack Taylor, a 5'10" sophomore, has scored a ridiculous 138 points for Grinnell College in their Division III NCAA game against Faith Baptist Bible College. The points total is an NCAA record at all division levels and shattered the previous NCAA record, set at 113 points by Clarence "Bevo" Francis of Rio Grande in 1954.

The previous Div III record was set by Taylor's teammate, Griffin Lentsch last year, with 89 points.

Taylor had already amassed 58 points by half time in this defensive slugfest, with the final score of the game being 179-104. He jacked up a crazy 108 shots, making 52 (.481) of them. 71 of those shots were from long range, with him connecting on 27 of them for a 38% clip.

Unsurprisingly, he contributed zero assists to go along with his three steals, six turnovers and three rebounds in 36 minutes of game action. For those of you counting at home, he put up an average of three shots a minute — or one every 20 seconds. That type of rate is difficult on many levels… time simply doesn't allow for that much possession in a game typically, nor does an opposing defence. And then there is the fatigue in that shooting arm that sets in too.

Watch the video of part of his performance and you'll see that the opposition did start to double and triple team him at some points, to little avail.

It's worth noting that no fewer than 20 players saw courttime for Grinnell in this game — is this a common occurrence in NCAA Div III games? I have to admit my ignorance here. The only other player on his team to hit double figures was Aaron Levin with 13, followed by previous record holder (and possibly sulking) Lentsch with seven points.

As defence was clearly not a priority in this game, David Larson of Faith Baptist top-scored for the other team with 70 points. Two of his teammates had 16 and 15 turnovers respectively — that says plenty right there.

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