Today’s guest post comes from Brian Spaeth, noted Actorer and Writerer. Just check his blog, it says so. Brian is a very large part of the upcoming film Who Shot Mamba? which has more than the odd basketball reference and personality in it. He enjoys to tweet — this was where I first came across his quality brand of humour, which blends nicely with basketball amongst other things. It is with his inimitable style that he writes this post on the topic of twitter. And Mr Stern.

How and Why David Stern Should Be on Twitter

If you’ve been on the online internet recently, you certainly know that one of the big deals on that same place is Twitter, a place I frequent regularly and by and large find to be valuable.

The value comes in two places, mainly:

1) Meeting girls.

2) Telling “bronchitis-as-terminal-illness” jokes.

Now, what’s nice about Twitter is that’s it’s truly all things to all people, and as you surely know, many professional NBA basketball players are using it to further their NBA basketball playing careers.

I’ve written about this before, but one entity that isn’t using the service to its max capabilities is the NBA itself, particularly the namesake of this online internet blog website, David Stern.

The question, then: should David Stern be on Twitter, and if he were, how should he use it. Here are some suggestions:

1) David Stern should, in fact, open a Twitter account, and he can use his vast influence to secure @davidstern from this guy. Last anyone knew, he was printing some photos onto canvas some two years ago.

2) LOL!!

3) David should hire that other David Stern to run the account for him, and that guy should just talk about his canvas-based photo printing. This will let everyone feel like they’re knowing the real David Stern – the one who works on canvas when not being an important basketball boss.

4) This also works because it’s not a lie – it’s still a David Stern.

5) While this is going on, our NBA David Stern should open a fake account called @davidsterntwo, and he like uses that to call out @davidstern about being a fake, and at some point like he even points out that he’s paying him to make everyone think the commissioner of the NBA does something with photos on canvas or whatever.

All of this put together = money in the league’s pocket.

The exciting thing is what I’ve just laid out is only a bare framework. Other special promotions and activities could happen, like maybe David Stern could have a pizza party with the fake David Stern, and like they could invite some people from Twitter, and everyone could have lots of fun eating their deep-dish pizza together.

In any case, I think some direct, unfiltered interaction between Stern and the fan community

Who else from the NBA offices would you like to see on Twitter and why – also, would you like to see an action movie called David Stern Begins –

In closing, thanks for the guest post action. Now join the Facebook Page for my film, and watch the 1st teaser for that same film – you NBA people may find some value therein.

Brian Spaeth is the writer and star of Who Shot Mamba?, a Broadband Motion Picture debuting October 13th on You can see the first teaser-trailer on the website. Brian has also published two novels, and writes regularly at his own blog.