Geordie McCleod

The Wollongong Hawks guys continue to impress. But this time, they’ve really taken it to a whole new level.

Australian basketball is attempting to go through a renewal phase — a return to glory. Basketball Australia and the NBL have put numerous plans in place to bring the fans back and re-create those amazing 1990s. Quite a few of the NBL’s member teams are doing their best to follow suit. In terms of online content, the Wollongong Hawks certainly have to be right at the top of the heap.

This week the Hawks have launched a Hawks History website. The site houses a remarkable collection of photos, videos and news archives and encourages fans to contribute their own pieces of Hawks history.

There is a whole stack of people behind the contributions to this site, not the least being Joel Armstrong and Mili Simic, both of whom do a great job with keeping the good times rolling at the Hawks’ main website.

Make sure you check out Hawks History and add any relics of your own.

(image credit: Roy C Arneman)