Some things are just infuriating to watch. This video, featuring Connell High School (I don’t know what their mascot name is, but I assume “Thugs” – no wait, it’s “Eagles” apparently) against Highland High School (in Washington) is one of them.

The Connell players, particularly #34, as you’ll see in this video, make a mockery of the sport of basketball. Many of these plays of reputed “defence” wouldn’t even have a place on a football field, due to the danger they put the offensive players in.

What I find particularly amazing and galling, is that not one technical/flagrant/unsportsmanlike foul is called in this game, nor does a Highland coach run on the court and strangle the referees at any point in frustration. As you’ll see, things get dangerous.


Thanks to Chris De Jonge on Facebook and Yahoo!’s Prep Rally blog. Go there for more details on the game.