Today's Warnings

First and foremost, welcome to the new site!!

Imagine that I am your air hostess as I read out the following safety announcement: “Please take a moment to look around you and find your nearest exit. Remember, it may be behind you. You will find forums available at your disposal, do not be afraid of them, even if they are new. Feel free to use them and take the initiative with any new threads that you think need starting. You will notice that there are a number of other fantastic blogs in the Bloguin network. Please check them out, as you will find the same resounding level of quality as there is in the design of this site. They can be located on the left hand side of the site, under Bloguin Roll. Video content is another new feature of the site. From time to time you will find newly recommended videos on the right side panel, Stern Tube. Most of all, enjoy the new site — it’s yours as much as anyone else’s!”

Now, let’s get into Today’s Warnings:


  • You have to feel sorry for Greg Oden. This is the postgame interview he conducted after bowing out against the Lakers. Word is now that he will miss 2-4 weeks, after MRI tests indicated a sprain.
  • This week in the Battle of the Bloggers fantasy NBA league, I am happy to be taking on good friend Ethan of NESW Sports. His team is already looking very strong and I will need to keep on my toes. More to come on this topic as the weekly matchup progresses.
  • Jermaine O’Neal remembers that he can play and the Raptors remind everyone that they will be dangerous this season, as they spoil Elton Brand’s welcome party with his new 76ers team. This was Cuzoogle’s game preview — I just love the graphic with José Calderon.
  • John Rillie rates the New Zealand Breakers as possibly the best shooting team of all time in the NBL. It’s hard to argue with that call.
  • And One previews the Cavaliers’ matchup with the Bobcats by sleeping with the enemy.
  • High jump world champion Donald Thomas of the Bahamas is considering leaving the sport and returning to his first love, basketball.
  • Got photoshop skills? Get over to Pete Marasmitch and make the frankenstein that is Rasho Libre!
  • Has anyone got a job for my main man Paulie Danger? Just kidding, he’ll be just fine.
  • Which hollywood lady is your NBA team? ThoughtsFromTheJockstrap has the answer!

The other big exciting news in the blogosphere, outside of the Bloguin launch, was the advent of the Skeets and Mellas video podcast. Good morning sweet world, you can now watch your favourite blogging heroes in action.

Ep. 330: Video Killed The Podcastin’ Star from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.