todays warnings 2009 v5

  • Ballerblogger: Carnival of the NBA #64.
  • Pete Marasmitch: Are you Canadian eh? Well, go and help Jeff win the ultimate basketball pad. While you’re there, get in and vote for Bustabucket in the last moments of the Basketblog Header Finals — see A Stern Warning don’t breed no sore losers!
  • Blaze of Love: Six NBA players/teams that need a tasering.
  • XZipIt: I saw an ad for these chairs on and I believe that any NBA fan (or sports fan for that matter) would die happy with one of these, two full cup holders and the game on the box.
  • Moondog Sports: Kobe Bryant and Spike Lee rift? Apparently no fire, just smoke.
  • Hoop Doctors: Derek Fisher is being stalked by a fake wife. Wow.
  • Hardwood Paroxysm: Matt has a polite request for everyone to stop being one-eyed homers, blaming the officials for everything that goes wrong for their team. Leave the bias and homer-mentality to the local TV presenters, all of which make watching NBA TV abhorent. There, I said it, and not as politely as Matt did.
  • And One: Carolyn looks back at the easy run the Cavs have had with the Pistons, in easily the least eventful playoff series so far.