Today's Warnings NBA

  • What do you get when A Stern Warning collides with Pete Marasmitch? You get this… I was lucky enough to enjoy a sitdown by the fireside with Jeff at the ‘Smitch and discuss Andrea Bargnani and how he relates to Wall Street.
  • And One gives some love to my main man, Mobs and his story on how High School Musical may save basketball in Australia. Something has to.
  • Ballerblogger takes a look back in video time, to Kobe’s 62 points in three quarters versus the Mavs in 2005, before he became a team player.
  • Downunder, the South Dragons are threatening not to play against the Sydney Spirit in tomorrow night’s game, which I think is totally the wrong approach to take. The more support to help the league get through this situation, the better. Clearly Cowan has an ulterior motive here, but still, it’s time for everyone to band together. If you are a basketball fan of any persuasion in Sydney this week, you should be getting your hot pants down to the Spirit v Dragons game. A sellout might open some eyes that basketball can exist in Sydney.
  • Give Me The Rock has your turkey day look around the NBA fantasy world.