todays warnings 2009 v5

  • Pete Marasmitch: A Stern Warning may have been knocked out in round one, but being bitter is for lemons and other such citrus fruits. Check out Round Two of the Basketblog Header Playoffs at the ‘Smitch and vote for the many Bloguin blogs that are fine enough to do battle. The quality of the aesthetics of so many Bloguin sites is a testimony to the network — drop me a carrier pigeon if you’re interested in joining the network and I can give you more details.
  • Curse of Cleveland: The Top 10 Cavs Bench Moments of 2008-09. Very well compiled, JV.
  • The No Look Pass: A recap of Day 1 of the NBA Playoffs.
  • That NBA Lottery Pick: Well, Celtics vs Bulls has tipped off in dramatic, unexpected fashion with a Derrick Rose-led Chicago victory. TNBALP remembers a different CHI-BOS encounter, when His Airness, Michael Jordan dropped 63 points on the Cs.
  • Global Sports Fraternity: Looking at what the Van Gundy brothers do in their spare time (cartoon video).