Social media in Australia has been absolutely abuzz online the past week with talk of the NBL 2011/12 season launch and in particular, with the arrival of Patty Mills to the Melbourne Tigers and the efforts to attract Andrew Bogut by numerous NBL clubs. Whilst the Perth Wildcats and Adelaide 36ers have since taken a back seat in the hunt to lure the 7’0″ elite big man, the public pitch has become a battle between the Sydney Kings and Gold Coast Blaze.

The biggest stumbling block in bringing “Bogues” to any NBL club is providing insurance coverage for his sizeable NBA contract with the Milwaukee Bucks. Whilst there has been uncertainty as to what different insurance brokers can provide in this regard, the Kings and Blaze have done their darndest to woo Bogut with presentations commensurate with the big fella’s size and immense talent.

Part of the Sydney Kings’ approach included a video, providing a mere snapshot of the public sentiment in Sydney for the arrival of Bogut to the Harbour City. The video, featuring both ordinary fans and celebrities, offers a glimpse of the welcome the centre would receive in Sydney. Take a look at the effort the Kings organisation made, in just a small segment of their pitch:


Whilst some within the Blaze organisation have subtley hinted via twitter that Bogut’s signing with the Gold Coast is already a fait accompli, the Sydney Kings continued their barrage of love for Bogut via social media, as both the team’s fans and management pushed forward their praise.

I’ve put together a sample of the social media storm that has primarily unfolded via twitter, for your reading enjoyment.


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