Michael Jordan‘s nightly circus show is no longer showing these days. Not live anyway. We still have the archive of videos to remember his awe-inspiring play and to pass it on to younger generations. And we also have a youtube user by the name of MessenjahMatt.

When it comes to artistry on the basketball court, His Airness was number one. And when it comes to artistry on the NBA 2K10 video game basketball court, it seems that MessenjahMatt trumps all comers. Time after time he has re-created famous NBA plays and scenarios using the power of his XBox 360 and NBA 2K10. His youtube channel is really worth checking out, whether it is to see Jordan dunking over Alonzo Mourning, Vlade Divac or Dikembe Mutombo or replicating some other famous scene.

His latest offering is a Michael Jordan-New York fest. He portrays Jordan’s first game at Madison Square Garden in 1984, his huge posterization of Patrick Ewing in 1991, the 55 point comeback in 1995 and his last MSG game with the Chicago Bulls in 1998. As with many players, MJ saved some of his best plays for MSG — watch the video below and reminisce with me.

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