Greg Oden young and old

One of the best things about Greg Oden is his refreshing honesty and personality. He’s shown us that he can be the laugh-a-minute comedian. Unfortunately there was also a period where he seemed stifled after being heaped with too much media attention. But he seems to be coming out of his shell again, which correlates with his on-court play.

As was pretty well publicized around the NBA fanunity (can this be a new word for a community of fans?) it was big GO’s 21st birthday this past week. He was even lucky enough to get a birthday chorus from his teammates.

It’s pretty clear that Oden has gotten used to people having a laugh at his appearance as a 50 year old, despite the youthful number on his ID card. Yesterday on his blog he made it clear that he ain’t no baby face. As always, entertaining reading:

So this past week i turned 21, its been a really fun week.  I really dont feel any different, everybody ask me if i feel older and i give them the same answer heck no i feel like a day went by.  On my birthday when i was paying the bill for my dinner and drinks i gave the lady my credit card and i.d. and she said she didnt need it.  So the next day i went to a resteraunt and sat in the bar and they carded all my friends except me, even when i went to a club they didnt card me at all.  Its just seems different to me cause i feel like one of the best things about being 21 is when the people who works at a place dont think your 21 you get to whip out your i.d. and shove it back in there face.  Ill never get that chance cause everybody already thinks im 50.  Im still waiting on that day for someone not to recognize me and card me so i can be like “nope player im of age.”

You certainly are coming of age, player.