So, the NBA has been going bonkers at the trade deadline this season. Bonkers, I tell you. 

Apparently 50 players have changed addresses — I’m yet to verify that, but I believe it. So, over at The Fantasy Dudes, we’ve been analysing each trade from both a real-world and fantasy basketball perspective. What’s that, you say? You haven’t checked out The Fantasy Dudes yet? Well, I can’t entirely blame you, as the site is a relative baby, with only a handful of months under its belt. But what a site it is.

Who are The Fantasy Dudes? Two friends of mine, Andre Purtell and Michael Alperstein and I form the fierce tierce (that means trio) of Fantasy writers, giving you the best of both the NBA and the NFL. Head over and take a look and while you’re there, follow us on Twitter and “like” us on Facebook

A rundown of the NBA trades that we’ve analysed so far at this deadline: