We have had some amazing and imaginative entries for our NBA 2K12 giveaway contest

As a reminder, the contest asked you to describe, in 25 words or less, your favourite NBA roster of all time. NBA 2K12 allows you to take charge of some of the most legendary NBA rosters and superstars and re-write history.

In fact, there were so many amazing entries that we had to pull out the best ones, put them in a hat and draw them out randomly, because some of them were simply too hard to split.

Without further ado, here are the two winning entries:

M. Allen: 94/95 Houston Rockets – Olajuwon + Drexler Phi Slama Jamma all over again. Great team, entertaining basketball, great champions.

(Editor’s Note: A team close to my heart, being the huge Clyde the Glide fan that I am)

M. Stevens: 1995-96 Bulls – Jordan, Pippen, Rodman- The main men, a 6’6 defensive point in Harper, Longley-Blue collar mid-range money, Kukoc off the bench!! 72-10 GOAT

(Editor’s Note: There were a stack of 95-96 Bulls entries — by far the most recognised team as greatest of all time)

I will contact the two winners via email to get their prizes sent out to them by the lovely people at 2K Sports. Stay tuned, because if for some reason they fail to respond, I’ll have to draw another winner!

Soon we’ll have our review of 2K12 here with the exciting news that 45 additional legends have been added to the game, as downloadable content, including the likes of All-Star Weekend favourites Kevin Johnson, Dan Majerle, Dee Brown, Kenny “Sky” Walker and the human-rag-doll Shawn Bradley (presumably so that the other players can dunk on him)!

Thanks for all of the great entries to the contest. There are some big NBA fans out there. Keep on reading for further giveaways at A Stern Warning.