Thank you to all those who entered our NBA 2K11 contest. We received many entries, some of them correct, many not. All correct entries were put into a hat (yes, I literally put them into a hat on little pieces of paper) and the winner is: Loren Chen. (We will contact you via email to arrange your prize).

For those curious to know the correct answers, here are the questions and corresponding responses:

  1. Which team did Craig Ehlo famously play for from 1987-1993, during which time he was humbled by Jordan on more than one occasion?

    Cleveland Cavaliers

  2. Michael Jordan led the NBA in scoring in 1992-93. Who came second in total points that season (note: not PPG, but total points)? Huge hint: you can see a great photo of him at The Fantasy Dudes.

    Karl Malone ranked second in total points in 1992-93 with 2,217.

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