After suffering through a boo-laden regular season debut for the Miami Heat against the Boston Celtics and an off-season where he made himself perhaps the most hated man in the NBA, LeBron James surely is not expecting minimal criticism today as he launches his new website: LeBronJames.com.

An email was sent out moments ago to those that had pre-requested notification of the site launch, eagerly chomping at the bit. The website is graced by comic artwork of LeBron himself, in pictures which don’t entire resemble him (in my opinion) but clearly have his style.

Speaking of style, the first menu item on the site talks of the Heat star’s Lifestyle, including his fashion tips. Apparently James get his fashion style from his worldwide travels… he’s cosmopolitan like that.

The best part of course, is the video introduction from the man himself. LeBron even goes so far as to embrace that age-old method of endearing yourself to a public that is yearning to hate you: he refers to himself in the third person. Watch the video.

Check out his new site and form your own opinion. Make your Decision.