LeBron James crying

The internets went crazy when LeBron James and his Miami Heat finally lost the 2011 NBA Finals in six games against the Dallas Mavericks. It was the culmination of a season long campaign of hate against the seemingly “evil” Heat. 

Twitter in particular was the source of a treasure trove of jokes, memes, photoshops and general tomfoolery around the concepts of LeBron James crying, Scottie Pippen‘s crazy assertion that LeBron was the better player than Michael Jordan, the Mavs winning, Dirk Nowitzki being awesome, King James marrying Dwyane Wade in order to get a ring, LeBron’s inability to win in the Finals, going missing in the fourth quarter and his seeming “choker” mentality.

Rather than let all of masterpieces (and not-so-masterful-pieces) fall into the nether regions of the internet, I’ve saved them all for posterity. Look on and enjoy… [you’ll have to click the READ MORE link below for all of them — there are heaps]. I should note, apart from the animated GIF above, none of this work is mine, but has been sourced from twitter/facebook/forums as an indication of what has been spreading through social media.

LeBron missing

Jason Kidd gets hit by Dwyane Wade

LeBron marries Wade

Wade eye gif

E Tu Joey Crawford

LeBron James girl band

LeBron James google

Kobe rings LeBron

Shawn Marion wacks off

Mavs winners

LeBron mullet

LeBron cover girl

LeBron everything, on ESPN

LeBron everything on ESPN

Where’s Waldo?

LeBron James found

LeBron James found

Scottie Pippen Michael Jordan LeBron James

LeBron James with the smallest violin in the world

LeBron smallest violin in the world

LeBron flops

LeBron flops

LeBron t-shirt no rings

Jordan flu game - LeBron

LeBron Loss Of The Ring

LeBron tattoos no rings

They cut lonely figures out there…

LeBron Wade press conference

Dirk crazy eyes

LeBron crying

Jason Terry tattoo championship

Peja has a ring before LeBron…

Peja NBA champion


LeBron Jordan rings

Keep crying LeBron

Dirk drunk

LeBron upset

Dirk Deutsch

Dirk Diggler

Dirk tongue

LeBron James flop GIF

Dirk Rocks GIF

Dirk celebrates

Dirk media

Dirk trophy

James and the Giant Choke

Bosh cries

Michael Jordan is happy

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And the list grows, as people provide more… 

pre-season post-season

Jordan Pippen high

Dirk coughs

Rings are for Kobe