Given that we don’t have any real NBA games in progress right now, I thought I’d post a video of a surreal NBA moment. 

Check this 2006 footage out as Kwame Brown (Los Angeles Lakers) not only catches the basketball on the break, but also manages to slam it down successfully, all over Andres Nocioni (Chicago Bulls). In addition to these unusual facts, the following is notable:

  1. Kobe passed the ball to a teammate — he didn’t do much of that in 2006.
  2. Is there really reason for a charge call here, or is this a matter of the NBA officials trying to give an advantage to the exciting play? Yes, Nocioni was standing in the “no charge” semi-circle, but he did not move, consequently, I’d call this a no-call more than anything else.


Watching Kwame in action also led me to ask the question: Is Kwame Brown the least talented #1 Draft Pick in NBA history? Take note, I’m not asking if he is the most disappointing (before you jump in and blurt Greg Oden’s name), but just whether he is the least talented. I think it’s fair to say that Michael Olowokandi is in with a chance in this race, though his best season (2002/03 Clippers: 12.3ppg, 9.1rpg, 2.2bpg) was far better than anything that Kwame has produced. 

Who do you think is the least talented #1 pick ever? To help you along, here are the number one picks since 1970.

First Overall Selections, Year-by-Year
Year Lg Team First Pick College
2011 NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Kyrie Irving Duke University
2010 NBA Washington Wizards John Wall University of Kentucky
2009 NBA Los Angeles Clippers Blake Griffin University of Oklahoma
2008 NBA Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose University of Memphis
2007 NBA Portland Trail Blazers Greg Oden Ohio State University
2006 NBA Toronto Raptors Andrea Bargnani
2005 NBA Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut University of Utah
2004 NBA Orlando Magic Dwight Howard
2003 NBA Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James
2002 NBA Houston Rockets Yao Ming
2001 NBA Washington Wizards Kwame Brown
2000 NBA New Jersey Nets Kenyon Martin University of Cincinnati
1999 NBA Chicago Bulls Elton Brand Duke University
1998 NBA Los Angeles Clippers Michael Olowokandi University of the Pacific
1997 NBA San Antonio Spurs Tim Duncan Wake Forest University
1996 NBA Philadelphia 76ers Allen Iverson Georgetown University
1995 NBA Golden State Warriors Joe Smith University of Maryland
1994 NBA Milwaukee Bucks Glenn Robinson Purdue University
1993 NBA Orlando Magic Chris Webber University of Michigan
1992 NBA Orlando Magic Shaquille O’Neal Louisiana State University
1991 NBA Charlotte Hornets Larry Johnson University of Nevada, Las Vegas
1990 NBA New Jersey Nets Derrick Coleman Syracuse University
1989 NBA Sacramento Kings Pervis Ellison University of Louisville
1988 NBA Los Angeles Clippers Danny Manning University of Kansas
1987 NBA San Antonio Spurs David Robinson United States Naval Academy
1986 NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Brad Daugherty University of North Carolina
1985 NBA New York Knicks Patrick Ewing Georgetown University
1984 NBA Houston Rockets Hakeem Olajuwon University of Houston
1983 NBA Houston Rockets Ralph Sampson University of Virginia
1982 NBA Los Angeles Lakers James Worthy University of North Carolina
1981 NBA Dallas Mavericks Mark Aguirre DePaul University
1980 NBA Golden State Warriors Joe Barry Carroll Purdue University
1979 NBA Los Angeles Lakers Magic Johnson Michigan State University
1978 NBA Portland Trail Blazers Mychal Thompson University of Minnesota
1977 NBA Milwaukee Bucks Kent Benson Indiana University
1976 NBA Houston Rockets John Lucas University of Maryland
1975 NBA Atlanta Hawks David Thompson North Carolina State University
1974 NBA Portland Trail Blazers Bill Walton University of California, Los Angeles
1973 NBA Philadelphia 76ers Doug Collins Illinois State University
1972 NBA Portland Trail Blazers LaRue Martin Loyola University of Chicago
1971 NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Austin Carr University of Notre Dame
1970 NBA Detroit Pistons Bob Lanier St. Bonaventure University