Back in August, Kobe Bryant was involved in an alleged incident whereby a San Diego church parishioner claimed that Bryant grabbed his wrist, thinking that he was taking photos of him with his cameraphone.

No charges will be filed against Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant in connection with a cellphone incident at a Carmel Valley church last summer, city prosecutors said Tuesday.

This, on the face of things, sounds like another case of a gold-digger looking for a chance at money/riches in connection with a superstar. If this is true, it’s a true shame that they chose a place of worship in which to do it.

Bryant was accused of grabbing a parishioner’s cellphone during Sunday Mass at St. Thérèse of Carmel Catholic church on Aug. 14 because he thought the man was taking photos of him. The basketball player then reportedly handed the phone back to the 21-year-old man after seeing no photos.

The alleged victim went to the hospital complaining of wrist pain.

Check out the sensationalist beat-up of this news reporter who tries to bring up the ye olde sexual assault case in the conversation:



In other Bryant news, apart from the trivial fact that he passed Shaquille O’Neal to move into fifth on the NBA’s all-time scoring list, comes this much more important news: Kobe doesn’t pack his own bags.

Yep… you heard right. Check out the breaking news here (oh, and Metta World Peace doesn’t like roaches):