The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — 1995 Nike Commercial (video)

Back in 1995, Jason Kidd, Jimmy Jackson, Kevin Garnett, Joe Smith and Eddie Jones were the future. Smith did not go on to represent everything that a number one pick is generally expected to; although he did do well to have a long career as a locker-room stablising influence. Jackson started his career brilliantly in Dallas as part of the Triple J trio with Kidd and Jamal Mashburn, but sadly ended up a journeyman, playing for 12 teams in total. Jones took the middle ground, being a three time NBA All-Star, plaiyng quality seasons for the Lakers, Hornets and Heat. Meanwhile, it’s almost hard to believe that Kidd and Garnett are still at close to the top of their games, both featuring as key players in the 2011 NBA Playoffs.

This Nike commercial shows them all as fresh, baby-faced youngsters in 1995.