Kevin Garnett has copped a lot of flak since he left the Minnesota Timberwolves for the Boston Celtics. It seems that in the period since KG headed over to join Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, he has become even more annoying and arrogant than he ever was in ‘sota. We’ve seen barking, we’ve seen incoherent championship victory celebrations and we’ve seen him following José Calderon up the court like a doberman. And now that the playoffs have started with the Big Ticket wearing Armani rather than Adidas, we’ve even seen courtside heckling.

The question is, has Garnett always been this intensely arrogant and he just got a free pass because he played for the TWolves and everyone felt sorry for him and the losing ways he had to put up with? Or perhaps he was always this loudly irritating and it was merely a case of noone hearing it (if a KG barks in the woods of Minnesota and noone is there, does it make a noise?). Others have the theory that his behaviour has ramped up as a result of him joining a star-laden championship squad.

Whatever the answer is, few would argue that the ridiculously talented forward/centre, the first ever to be measured 6’12”, has not gone a little stir-crazy as he has been forced to sit whilst his beloved Celtics are trying to push through the playoffs. The Global Sports Fraternity has another hilarious original video — this time it’s Charles Barkley talking to Garnett.

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