Further to my earlier article regarding Bob Turner‘s departure from the Sydney Kings and the road ahead for the team, the Kings have issued a press release which explains much of the road ahead for the club, particularly with reference to Head Office changes.

Sydney Kings’ Executive Director, Stephen Dunn, who has a very strong financial/administration background, explains that Turner turned down a role as head of Commercial operations with the club. Wisely, the Kings have taken the next step in the club’s growth, as it matures from it’s rebirth into the league in 2010/11.

Turner has a history of starting up franchises from scratch — a situation that the Kings no longer find themselves in. As such the decision to split management into three main core competencies is a sound one.

Read on for the Kings’ press release:

The Sydney Kings’ Board has announced the restructure of the organisation to build on the success of their first year back in the NBL after a two-year hiatus.

Speaking about the changes, Sydney Kings’ Executive Director, Stephen Dunn, said that General Manager, Bob Turner, will not return to the club for the 2011-2012 season.

“In our first year back in the NBL, Bob Turner was instrumental in assisting the Sydney Kings to re-establish the brand with our fans and the wider basketball community,” Stephen said.

“We are now moving away from the building phase into an operational phase and, as in any operation, this has resulted in management change and restructuring,” he added.

“While there were distinct benefits to having one person driving all aspects of the business in the building phase, it is the Board’s opinion that the long-term sustainability of the organisation rests with the division of responsibilities into three core areas – Commercial Operations, Basketball Operations, and Finance/Administration.

“Bob declined the role as head of the Commercial business unit and, as a result, the organisation has started an executive search to fill this position.”

Bob Turner said that while he understood that the Board and shareholders wished to restructure their business, the offer of the Commercial role was not acceptable.

“I take pride in the role I played in the resurrection of the Sydney Kings and the restoration of pride in an iconic Australian sporting brand. I will now move on to the next challenge knowing that the last 12 months has firmly re-established the Sydney Kings franchise,” Bob said.

“After putting in an enormous amount of time, effort, and emotional capital into resurrecting the Sydney Kings, I would obviously like to see the organisation continue to grow, so I wish them every success.”

Stephen Dunn said that while the organisation is disappointed that Bob had declined the new role, the Board believe that having one person focused on securing corporate sponsorship, and increasing the membership base, is what is required in the next stage of the Sydney Kings; and that the organisation respected Bob’s decision.

“As an NBL Hall of Fame recipient, and a former coach of the Sydney Kings, the name of Bob Turner will always be linked to the club; and the full Board and organisation wish him well in the future,” Stephen said.

“I personally had the opportunity to work with Bob during the year, and his passion, integrity, and hard work cannot be questioned,” Stephen said.

“Bob Turner will always be welcome at the Sydney Kings, and we hope to see him at as many of our home games, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre, as he is able to attend,” he added.