New York Knicks man-in-waiting, Danilo Gallinari, has starred in Nintendo’s campaign for their recently released Wii Sports Resort game. The Italian swingman appears on adverts for the game, testing out the simulated three-point shooting and dunking techniques, in scenes that may have made the Knicks trainers cringe. Gallinari, “the Gallo” has been out of action since he was leveled by a Tractor Taylor hit in Summer 2008, causing him to miss most of last season.


However his rehabilitation program from surgery must have allowed for jumping around his living room, looking like a lunatic, as he tested out the new Wii motion-detecting sports sim. Gallinari had this to say in the advertising campaign where he appeared alongside other sports “stars”:

“The three-point basketball challenge in Wii Sports Resort was fantastic. The precision of the Wii MotionPlus meant I really had to focus to accurately shoot the hoops and with the clock ticking I definitely started to feel the pressure. The Wii MotionPlus demands precision and won’t let you off with a limp-wristed slam dunk; you really need to give it your all!”

Gallinari has been rehabbing in preparation for the 2009-10 NBA season, but has not yet been ready for full basketball action, just one-on-none Wii play. He has been branded as the Knicks’ brightest star in the hopes of luring LeBron James to New York in the Summer of 2010.

Check out these videos which form part of the campaign, with the Gallo playing a starring role.