Flood waters have ravaged the Australian state of Queensland through the end of 2010, with the situation continuing right now. At least 200,000 people and 70 towns, including capital city Brisbane, have been effected by the tragedy. Three-quarters of the huge state of Queensland have been declared a disaster zone, with billions of dollars worth of damage being caused. Read more about the tragedy here.

If you’re more of a visual person, you can get a feel for the impact of the floods at this remarkable infographics link.

Australians are known for their resilience and for their ability to band together in times of hardship. That ‘mateship’ has been seen in Queensland as strangers have helped other strangers out, as people cling to life and try to start the process of rebuilding their shattered homes and lives, with unimaginable damage in many cases.

Foremost in this effort comes a great financial cost. Many sports stars have stepped forward to help out in these circumstances, including Aussie NBA stars Andrew Bogut and Patty Mills. Bogut has put together a fantastic NBA games/accomodation package to see the Los Angeles Lakers v Milwaukee Bucks, which currently is fetching over $53,000 in online bidding. Meanwhile Mills has lent his support by having proceeds from his jerseys bought at the Blazers store donated, as well as putting out the word on video.

Australia’s NBL itself and its member clubs have also helped out in fundraising efforts. They too have been joined by sports stars such as soccer’s Tim Cahill and international tennis players who yesterday competed in a Rally For Relief in a prelude to the Australian Open. 

Now Daniel Eade (@DanielEade) has put together a star-studded array of Australian basketball household names in a basketball event to be titled “Charity Baskets“. All proceeds from the event will go to victims of the Queensland Floods. Names such as Andrew Gaze, Chris Anstey and Leapin’ Leroy Loggins should be enough to get any Aussie basketball fan salivating and no doubt will. However they will be joined by other legends including Lanard Copeland, Darryl D-Mac McDonald, Rob Rose, Marcus Timmons, Frank Drmic, Andrew Parkinson, Darren Lucas, multiple slam dunk champion Brett Rainbow, Adonis Jordan, Darryl Pearce, Andre Moore… and more.


The match should be an absolute spectacle and will no doubt sell out, so if you are in Melbourne, get yourself down to the Melbourne Sports & Aquatic Centre early on January 30th for a midday start to proceedings. Tickets will be sold on the door at the bargain prices of $20 for adults, $10 for kids and $50 for a family. You would be hard-pressed to get prices like that for this level of talent. Appreciation must be given to the legends who have pulled themselves out of retirement for this game.

You can follow the event on Facebook. And if you’re on twitter, you can help to drum up recognition of Charity Baskets with the hashtag #CB4QF.

Of course, if you’re outside of Melbourne or indeed outside of Australia, don’t fret. You too can donate to help out victims of the floods! Either select from one of the various sports-related auction benefits mentioned above, or donate directly via the Queensland Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. As I say, this can be done from anywhere in the world.

Get in there and help out some people in drastic need, if you can.