The 2012 London Olympic Games are mere months away. Once again, the Australian Boomers have a talented squad of internationally experienced stars that will be put together to form a squad that will challenge on the fringes of a medal. 

Head coach Brett Brown, currently serving as Assistant Coach with the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA, talks in this video about the talent the team has, their preparations and how he sees the team integrating for the Olympics.

We will go into more detail with previews as the Olympics approach, but briefly, the top names that come into contention for the squad are:


Andrew Bogut, David Andersen, Matt Nielsen, Aleks Maric, Aron Baynes, AJ Ogilvy


David Barlow, Joe Ingles, Mark Worthington, Brad Newley, Peter Crawford


Patty Mills, Damian Martin, Adam Gibson, Matthew Dellavedova