It is hard to believe that it has been one year. Yesterday, the Bloguin network celebrated it’s one year anniversary — you may have seen the fireworks in New York Times Square and on London’s Thames.

That means that a year ago I was starting up the Bloguin-ized version of this site, along with just three other sites (TWolves Blog, Upside & Motor and 3 Shades of Blue). We were a small band of NBA bloggers with big dreams. It was all celebrating quality over quantity. That quality, along with the amazing work of Derek Hanson (originator of the network) has led to more and more high quality sites joining Bloguin.

The network now counts amongst its numbers numerous NBA and other basketball blogs, as well as MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA, Fighting, Entertainment and General Sports sites. It is hard to believe that within one year the site has reached 100-strong.

Derek has done phenomenal work in building this thing from the ground up and has been ably assisted over time by Dave (also of TWolves Blog) and the now CEO of Bloguin, Ben Koo (

The community across the site has been amazing, with so many collaboration efforts and daily chats via email about various sports and blogging issues. The stable of writers range from incredibly qualified, to totally passionate, to totally entertaining, to a combination of all of these things. I encourage you wholeheartedly to check out the “Bloguin Roll” logo on the left of this page and see for yourself the amazing work that the other sites are putting out. Just make sure you come back here afterwards, you hear??

Happy Birthday Bloguin!