If you're a basketball fan then the one question on your mind will be “who is going to win the NBA championship 2013?” Last year’s qualifiers were amazing, followed by a brilliant clash between The Thunder and Heat. This year’s season is shaping up to be an intense experience for all fans, especially those who like to bet on the outcome. For those of you who do like to bet, here are the 2013 betting predictions and tips.

The first place to check is the online bookies, they have sophisticated technology that gathers information from a vast amount of sources and then gives you the most likely winner. This year that predicted winner is Miami Heat, the previous winners and current southeast conference leaders. The Oklahoma City Thunder are a close second, but in their northwest conference they are smashing the competition with 35 wins to 12 losses.

However, we do need to ask the betting experts here and that expert is Wayne Root – a man who made his name as an entrepreneur and often speaks about the sports betting tips and tricks. Although, it's not necessary to be a complete expert, it is important to have done some research on how odds and returns are calculated. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that you use a trusted bookmaker. The alternate option to win money and use less skill and rely on luck would be try some of the popular basketball games online that let you win a little money on the side without having to rely on your mathematical expertise as much.

There are plenty of slots available in a myriad of themes. NBA fans may be interested in the slam funk scratch card available at popular casino websites. The card is based around a disco basketball theme. Match three of the symbols and slam the funk with a whopping 250x your original bet -the perfect way to keep up the excitement during half time. If your prefer to use your mobile phone then MobileCasinoAustralia.com.au not only allows you to access their site through your smartphone but also allows you to compare offers from some of the top brand online casinos. In addition to basketball themed slots, you are also likely to find a range of other popular sports related slots games as well. So next time your at the game and feel like luck is on your side then have a go and who knows, you may win alongside your favourite team for a double celebration.