(photo courtesy of @AndrewMBogut on twitter)

Unfortunate news for Andrew Bogut and the Milwaukee Bucks as the star big man went down with an ankle injury nine minutes into their victory over the Houston Rockets yesterday.

Our hearts go out to Bogey. Ankle injuries are one of the most unavoidable aspects of basketball — they can happen even when you’re not in a highly tense contest. This one has put Bogut out “indefinitely”. The most likely beneficiary of additional minutes will be Drew Gooden.

You can see how it happened 20 seconds into this match recap:


Inexplicably, Bogut is reporting receiving hated-filled negativity via twitter following the injury. The wonders of the cranially-bereft on the internet will never cease, will they?

The fracture to his ankle puts Bogut’s preparations for the London 2012 Olympics with the Australian Boomers in doubt. A key focal point of the Boomers offence and defence, along with point guard Patty Mills, the absence of Bogut would mean a huge drop in the projected rankings for the Aussies. That said, with six months today until the Games start, there is time for recovery.