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This is the Team to Watch this Season

All eyes were on superstars Russell Westbrook and James Harden, especially those fans who got into the action at, in their first regular-season game of the season since reuniting on the Rockets, and it didn’t take them long to deliver an entertaining moment for fans to watch.

But it wasn’t of the highlight variety — instead, it was a heated disagreement between the two

Harden and Russ weren’t on the same page about something in the first half of the game, and so they exchanged some words at the end of a play.

We can expect plenty more of that this season — just too many egos clashing.

The Range of the Young

Hawks young star Trae Young, like Steph Curry, has the range to drain shots from all over the court.

His range knows no bounds, and that makes hm extremely difficult to guard.

He showed that during Thursday’s game against the Pistons, when he drew a foul in the act of shooting a three-pointer — yet still drained it anyway. Not only that, he made sure to let the Pistons know about it by doing push-ups on the court afterward.

Strong flex, Trae.

Bye-bye Bucks???

Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo made headlines when he reportedly made a comment about possibly not re-signing with the team if it doesn’t continue to make strides in a positive direction, but he claims those words never came out of his mouth.

The Journal Sentinel published a report that supposedly came from the Bucks, from an interview Giannis did with Harvard Business School professor Anita Elberse and student Melcolm Ruffin, and it listed Giannis as saying the following:

“I want the Bucks to build a winning culture. So far, we have been doing great, and, if this lasts, there’s no other place I want to be. But if we’re underperforming in the NBA next year, deciding whether to sign becomes a lot more difficult.”

But Giannis has shot that story down, and denies saying those words.

“As I’ve said, there’s going to be a lot of stories that are going to come out,” Antetokounmpo said, via the Journal Sentinel. “Everybody knows how sensitive this timing is and they’re going to come out with a bunch of stories and all that.

“My girlfriend, Mariah, asked me yesterday, ‘Did you actually say this?’ I said, ‘If you kind of read the last quote, I’ve never used those words in my life.’ But I’m not going to talk about this, I’m just going to focus on this season and I’ve said in the past, it’s disrespectful, man. We’re facing the Houston Rockets, a championship-level team tonight. …

“We have a goal which is play ’til the end and I’m not going to talk about my free agency at all this season, I’m not going to distract my teammates. The attention’s not going to be on me, it’s going to be on this team and what we’ve got to do to win.”

Someone isn’t telling the truth. Regardless, there are a lot of whispers about Giannis mulling leaving the Bucks, and when there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Russell Westbrook Going Dragon Ball Z

Russell Westbrook played in his first game with the Rockets on Thursday night, and in doing so, he showed off a brand-new haircut.

And, well, it was something, that’s for sure.

Westbrook usually sports a very short haircut with a skin fade on the sides, but now that he’s on a new team, well, let’s just say he has something very different.  And the memes that followed were hilarious.

We’re not even sure what to call that look, but we do know it was unique to Westbrook as we’ve never seen it before.

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