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The Youth Dominate

The Broncos have a young, talented group of wide receivers, and Courtland Sutton showed what his upside can look like with an unbelievable, highlight-reel grab in Sunday’s game against the Browns.

Denver traded away Emmanuel Sanders due to their faith in the young receiver group, and Sutton helped show that the decision they made was a wise one on Sunday, a fact taken advantage of by sportsbook reviews and the gambling community.

The play took place in the first quarter of Sunday’s game, with the game scoreless. Denver was in scoring range, though, so Brandon Allen floated a ball to the end zone, intended for Sutton. Browns cornerback Denzel Ward had tight coverage on him, though, making a completion extremely difficult.

No problem, though, as Sutton made an insane adjustment, then just laid out to make a ridiculous diving grab for the touchdown — beating Ward to the ball.


What Happened to the True Fans?

The Chargers “hosted” the Packers at Dignity Health Sports Park on Sunday, but you’d never know it was actually a home game, given how many road fans showed up for the contest.

It’s become an embarrassing ongoing theme for the Chargers, as San Diego’s residents sure aren’t making the trip up to Los Angeles for games. Not only that, the majority of football fans in LA root for the Rams.

As such, their little soccer stadium is often taken over by road fans, but what we saw on Sunday really takes the cake. At least 80 percent — if not more — of fans were wearing Packers green, as you can see below.

The Packers got the benefit of an extra “home” game, it seemed, although they did have to travel for it.

The Magic Man Failed

The Jets hired Adam Gase to coach the team over the offseason, in hopes that he could help develop young quarterback Sam Darnold.

However, not only has that not happened, it actually appears as if Darnold has regressed, which does not project well for Gase’s future.

Darnold has been unfortunate to operate behind a porous offensive line, as the Jets attempted to bring in former veterans of other teams, in hopes of building a consistent unit. Instead, quite the opposite happened.

Still, Darnold has made some poor decisions in games, and that’s on him. That’s exactly what he did during Sunday’s game against the Dolphins, with his team in the red zone. Darnold rolled right on a sprint out, but then faced pressure, and with a Dolphins defender hanging onto him, he elected to just heave the ball toward the end zone.

That proved to be a bad idea, as the pass was picked off with ease, and the Jets came away with no points.

Twitter had a field day with it. Check out the roast job.


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