A Rough Week for the Warriors

After winning three titles in four years, one would expect that the Golden State Warriors would be on top of the world.  However, it’s not easy being at the top, as this week has proven for Golden State.  The team’s top two stars ended up in the news for all the wrong reasons.  Warriors fans […]

LeBron Returns to Cleveland in Kingly Style

After leaving to join the Lakers, LeBron James returned “home” to Cleveland to face his former team.  Unlike his return following his departue for Miami, things were much more cordial this time around.  I guess bringing home a title does a lot to earn you good will. The Lakers had a rough start to the […]

Premier League or Pricier League?

England’s favorite season is on and the atmosphere is thick with anticipation and adrenaline. Yes, it’s the Premier League that we speak of and fans are pumped to support their teams. The only damper is the ticket price hikes by some of the participating clubs but even that is not enough to cool the ardor […]

A tribute to Rasual Butler

From 2002 until late 2016, he played 13 seasons with the NBA. Even if he was not always in the highlight like other basketball stars, he was known as a hardworking and solid player. Having played for eight NBA teams, he successfully built himself a memorable career. He was Rasual Butler. . . and he […]

Looking at the Spurs’ 2017-2018 Regular Season Schedule

The San Antonio Spurs’ 2017-2018 regular season 82-game regular season schedule was released Monday. Here are a few details and marquee matchups in the Spurs’ new season schedule. Marquee Matchups October 18 – The Spurs will open the regular season against the new-look Minnesota Timberwolves who added Jimmy Butler, Jeff Teague and Taj Gibson. October 27 […]

Is the Premier League Still the Best League in the World?

Is the Premier League the best league in the world? Perhaps the question should be ‘has the Premier League ever been privy to the title of being considered to be the best league in the world?’ Leeds United were the last champions of the old Division One back in 1992. The Premier League, complete with […]

The Year of Basketball

There have been many interesting basketball tournaments this year, but probably we all can agree that Olympics was one of the most interesting. Rio Olympics was the highlight of the year for many basketball fans. All the countries who had earned their spot in the Olympics had their best players representing their countries. There were […]

NBA Finals Ticket Prices Up for Warriors, Down for Cavaliers

Leading up to the NBA Finals, the Cleveland Cavaliers have breezed their way through the playoffs, sweeping their opponents in the first and second rounds, and beating the Toronto Raptors in the Eastern Conference Finals in six games. In the West, the Golden State Warriors, who were down three games to one to the Oklahoma […]

#NBL: Controversial finishes #3MinuteDrill

This week’s NBL action has resulted in two remarkable, and in many ways controversial finishes. In Melbourne, as the undefeated United hosted the New Zealand Breakers, it all went down to the wire. The final minute saw the usual conga line of fouls and resulting free throws. And then “the call” happened. I’m not going […]

3 Rounds In: Sydney Kings #3MinuteDrill

View image | gettyimages.com In our first #3MinuteDrill, let’s assess where the Sydney Kings are at so far, in our third round of the NBL season. The return of Julian Khazzouh has been a triumphant one. In the first four games of the season, the big man has come on strong averaging 17.8ppg, 8.5rpg, 1.8bpg […]

Introducing: the #3MinuteDrill

We are all time-poor these days. And we all have short attention spans. This lack of attention and spare time tends to lead to us all skimming articles on the internet, not taking them in properly. You’re probably doing it right now. This same time-poorness means that I don’t write nearly as much as I […]

The new NBL era starts tonight

Oh what an off-season it has been for fans of basketball in Australia. After coming off the high of an Aussie-infused NBA Finals series featuring major story-lines around our own Matthew Dellavedova and Andrew Bogut, we were then treated to the #homecoming of our NBA and European stars in the Oceania qualifying series for the 2016 […]

Mills return continues boom(er) year of Aussie basketball

It has been an eventful year for Australian basketball. The nation enjoyed an all-time high number of athletes in the NBA — seven. Dante Exum and Cam Bairstow joined a short tradition of countrymen before them to be selected in the NBA Draft. Joe Ingles received a deserved call-up from Europe to join Exum in Utah, bumping […]

Video: Rookies imitate NBA star players

Here is your bit of fun for today: The class of NBA rookies got together at this media opportunity to imitate some of the stars of the game. That Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway!

The Best NBA Game of Every Month This Season

The Monthly Special The Best Game of Every Month this Season The 2013-2014 NBA schedule was released last week and fans of the Association are in for a treat with numerous prime time games between All Stars from Opening Night right up until the playoff push. We broke down every schedule and have compiled a […]