Zombie Sonics involved in flesh-eating Heat attack?

This via the Guardian (UK):

The victim of a face-eating attack in Miami last month is in good spirits and is expected to survive, despite losing half his face in the assault, doctors at Jackson Memorial Hospital said Tuesday.

Ronald Poppo, 65, lost half his face in the May 26 assault – less than previously reported.

Poppo lost his left eye and currently cannot see out of his right eye, although he may recover some vision, surgeon Wrood Kassira said. Poppo also has two holes in his chest, doctors said, possibly caused by a bullet.

It seems that homeless man Poppo was the victim of a flesh-eating man, possibly under the influence of illicit substances. The attacker, who was shot and killed by police, mauled on Poppo’s face, described by some as a zombie-style attack.

The connection to basketball?

Despite his condition, the victim showed high spirits, his surgeons said. He even gave the doctors a message before the news conference: “Go Heat.” The Miami Heat basketball team plays in the first game of the NBA finals Tuesday night against the Oklahoma City Thunder.

That’s commitment to your team.

Oh, and the connection to the image (via DailyThunder.com) above? The OKC Thunder have long been described by longing Seattle Supersonics fans as the Zombie Sonics.

This is clearly not a laughing matter though. We wish Poppo a speedy recovery.