Steve Nash speaks Spanish, Jason Kidd does not

Wonder bread is the taste of the NBA, in Spanish-speaking South-American countries, apparently. Or, really I should rephrase that: el sabor de la NBA. Steve Nash knows that, Eduardo Najera knows it too. And so does Jason Kidd… only thing is, J-Kidd only knows it in English. Mad props to Nash for nailing the Spanish delivery of his lines in this commercial. Najera, well, it’s his native tongue. Kidd might have tried to say the lines in Spanish, but ultimately he stuck to what he knew best, his good old Yankie-lingo. Watch each of these new commercials for Wonder bread and get hungry. (Also, Wonder have got a great mini-site to celebrate el sabor de la NBA, it even tells you what the players’ favourite sandwiches are! Do you know how Najera likes his sandwiches? You better read up, in case he visits your house unannounced! And Steve Nash loves a good ham, cheese and salad deal.).

Steve Nash