Steve Nash Internet Day

Today, December 9, 2009 has been declared Steve Nash Internet Day by Phoenix Stan at Bright Side of the Sun. What does that mean? Well, the day has been designated as such to celebrate the funky efforts Nash has contributed to the world of basketball.

The day will entail a whole heap of Nash worship — and deservedly so. The man is an absolute marvel to watch on the basketball court, a whirling dervish who mesmerises audiences on a nightly basis with his combination of flashy passes, straight shooting and blinding whiteness.

Phoenix Stan and the other contributors at Bright Side run a fantastic Phoenix Suns ship and will have a veritable treasure trove of contributions to SNID today, everything from stats to prose to a haiku from With-Malice. So if you enjoy some Nash (and let’s face it, few don’t), make sure to keep on checking out what Bright Side of the Sun has on offer. Rather than try to outdo those that are a lot more knowledgeable in the ways of Nash, I’ve contributed a couple of meagre artworks to praise the work of the mighty Steve Nash, below.

Steve Nash Inernet Day

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Steve Nash Internet Day 2

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