Recapping the NBA Hot Stove

With the trade deadline approaching, late January/early February ends up being one of the most exciting times on the NBA calendar. The balance of power in each conference can shift dramatically with a single trade.  If you’re a fan of NBA betting, then you definitely need to stay on top of all of the trade rumors and news.  If you are going to make a wager, is a great way to earn a bonus on your wager to help you earn even more money betting on basketball.  Here are some of the latest NBA trade and player-movement rumors that have been swirling the past few days.


Grizzlies make Marc Gasol, Mike Conley available up to deadline

It appears that the Memphis Grizzlies are finally listening to the advice that they’ve been receiving over the past year, and that they’ve put Marc Gasol and Mike Conley on the trade block.

However, is it too late?

First off, we’ll get to the report from ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, which you can read below.

The problem is they’re not really “cornerstone veterans” anymore, as Gasol is now 33 years of age, while Conley is 31. Memphis will probably be looking to receive young stars of first-round draft picks in return, but no one will be willing to give that up.

Gasol is clearly past his prime, and he doesn’t fit what the NFL is looking for as it relates to big men in this day and age. It’s not about half-court offense anymore, rather, big men are now athletic, long and they can shoot three-pointers to stretch the floor — rather than playing close to the basket, like Gasol. Conley can still play and would not be a nice addition for a contender, but the asking price figures to be a bit too high, although it is possible that maybe someone could strike a deal to land him.

Memphis should’ve committed to a full rebuild a year ago. Now, they’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, and talks of relocating the franchise will once again surface. This team is going to be bad for awhile. They should’ve moved Conley and Gasol when they could’ve actually got something solid in return — rather than at the eleventh hour.


Could Kendall Jenner Be Luring Ben Simmons to the Lakers?

Sixers star swingman Ben Simmons and his girlfriend, Kendall Jenner, are one of the biggest sports couples out right now, but they have the disadvantage of being so far apart geographically, which can make it tough to see each other, given their schedules.

The two have been in a long-term relationship, with Simmons being in Philly, and Jenner (as well as the entire Kardashian clan) being in LA. Simmons spent a good chunk of the offseason working out, training and hanging out with Jenner in LA during the summer, and he seemed to really enjoy himself.

And now Jenner is apparently trying to get him to come out there for the long haul, possibly to play for the Lakers or Clippers in LA, according to Jason McIntyre, who appeared on Scoop B’s podcast and said the following:

“We know dating back to before the draft, Ben Simmons loves LA. Dating Kendall Jenner, loves it out here, he’s on that same agency that LeBron is repped by, Klutch [Sports].”

McIntyre went on to say that Simmons and teammate Joel Embiid don’t really hang out off the court, but we don’t see that as a huge issue, as LeBron James seems to do his own thing on the Lakers, rather than clubbing it up with his cohorts.

Simmons will still have two years remaining on his deal after this season ends, and unless the Sixers make a huge splash for a swingman in free agency — which is highly unlikely — we don’t see him going anywhere. The team would be wise to let him play out his rookie deal, whether he wants to be there or not.

Keep wishing, Kendall.