Potentially disastrous Lakers news: Andrew Bynum injury

Bynum knee injury

Five minutes into tonight’s matchup between the Memphis Grizzlies and the Los Angeles Lakers came the image above — a picture of pain for every Lakers fan. Andrew Bynum went down, with what was described by commentators as a hyperextention of his knee.

It is worth noting that this was his right knee, not the left knee that saw him miss so much time previously for the Lakers during last season’s championship run.

Bynum got caught up in a challenge for a rebound, as Kobe Bryant also elevated in the key. He came down immediately clutching his knee in obvious pain.

This picture shows the moment he went down, with Bryant underneath him.

Andrew Bynum knee injury 2

The immediate look on Bryant’s face was of disbelief and dejection. “Here we go again…” pretty much summed it up.

At this stage the game is still in progress and no diagnosis has been made, however it did not look at all promising and the rest of the team, Phil Jackson included, looked ultra-concerned, as would be expected.

Good luck to the big guy.